EJ is streamed at regular intervals

EJ can be viewed in near real time, thus allowing for investigation into customer complaints to be started immediately. It also minimises the data loss in case of a hard disk crash at the terminal.

Fully automated EJ streaming

EJ starts streaming once Agent is installed at the terminal. No manual scheduling is required.
Issue Bee

Raise an issue when EJ is not found

An issue will be created automatically to facilitate investigation when EJ is not found at the terminal. It will be closed automatically once EJ starts streaming.

Designed for low bandwidth network

Proven on terminals operating in varying network type and bandwidth (VSAT, 3G, 4G, Leased line, etc.).

Scalable to large number of terminals

A single instance can handle thousands of terminals with ease.
Vendor Bee

Multivendor support

Streams EJ from all leading vendor terminal machines. Need EJ from ATM, Cash Deposit Machine, Cash Recyclers, and Kiosks? No problem!